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AFM Video Tutorial

Watch our video on building an "instant" Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) or other Scanned Probe Microscope (SPM). See how easy it is to assemble a low cost, high performance, closed loop AFM using the SPM-M kit, an Akiyama Probe, manual coarse positioners, and additional hardware.

The SPM-M Kit combines the MadPLL® instrument package with Mad City Labs high resolution nanpositioning systems to form a high performance, closed loop, scanning resonant probe microscope. The seamless integration of hardware combined with the built-in automated control of MadPLL® means that you can concentrate on getting results, not tweaking parameters. Applications for the SPM-M Kit include nanoscale characterization and nanoscale fabrication applications such as optical antennas, nano-optics, semiconductors, data storage, and more. The SPM-M Kit is ideal for research and teaching laboratories offering high performance, versatility, simplicity and excellent value.

AFM Instrument Assembly

AFM Instrument Assembly

Nano-OP30 nanopositioning stage

  Components used in AFM Instrument Assembly

  • SPM-M Kit
    • MadPLL® Instrument Package
      • digital phase lock loop (PLL) controller
      • Akiyama probe mounting board
      • sensor amplifier board
    • Nano-SPM200 nanopositioning stage (XY)
    • Nano-OP30 nanopositioning stage (Z)
    • 3 axis closed loop Nano-Drive® controler
    • Z axis open loop/close loop switch (OCL option)
    • AFMView™ Software
    • AFMView™ Tutorial
    • Adapter plate between preamplifier and Nano-OP30
    • Adapter plate to Thorlabs MT1 micropositioner
    • Application note: "AFM Kit with manual positioning"
    • Application note: "Tungsten tip etching station"
  • XY and Z coarse motion: standard stages available from optical component suppliers.
  • Probe: Akiyama probe.
  • Hardware: standard optical mounting fixtures.

combination single axis nanopositioner with single axis micropositioner

  Recommended Products for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Product Description Axes Applications
High resolution, closed loop, scanning resonant probe microscope
nanoscale characterization, nanoscale fabrication, optical antennas, nano-optics, semiconductors, data storage, and more
MadPLL® Instrument Package
Software, PLL controller, sensor amplifier, and probe boards
build an "instant" SPM, AFM, or NSOM with the MadPLL® package and Mad City Labs nanopositioners
Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks
Low cost, small quantity, ready-to-use, small or medium size
SPM, tuning fork AFM, or NSOM probes
Nano-OP Series
Ranges of motion from 30 µm up to 100 µm and can be combined to provide multi-axis motion
AFM, NSOM, interferometry, optical fiber positioning
Nano-OPH Series Large central aperture, ranges of motion from 30 µm up to 100 µm
nanomanipulation, AFM, NSOM, specialized microscopy
Nano-P Series Precision linear translator in a small cylindrical configuration with 15 µm, 35 µm or 70 µm of motion
metrology, AFM, NSOM, SPM, nanoindenting
SPM-MZ Precision aligned, highly stable single axis micropositioner designed as a Z-axis approach for scanning probe microscopes.
scanning probe microscopy, nanomanipulation
Nano-LR200 200 µm of motion combined with exceptionally low out-of-plane motion for special applications
AFM, SPM, NSOM, wafer profilometry, optical alignment
Nano-CZ200 Compact, long range (200 µm) precision piezo nanopositioning system 1 (Z) metrology, high precision optical alignment and mirror positioning, scanning probe microscopy
Nano-CZ500 Compact, super long range (500 µm) precision piezo nanopositioning system 1 (Z) high resolution probe scanning, metrology, optical alignment and mirror positioning
Nano-HSZ High speed nanopositioner with picometer precision 1 (Z) high speed AFM, NSOM, SPM, optical alignment and miror positioning
Nano-MZ Compact with 25 µm range of motion piezo nanopositioner 1 (Z) AFM, optical aligment, metrology
Nano-Bio Series Low profile, with large aperture for use with inverted optical microscopes, available in 50 µm, 100 µm, and 200 µm ranges of motion 2 optical microscopy, AFM scanning, super resolution (SR) microscopy
Nano-H Series Compact, long range stage with a large aperture 2 optical microscopy, AFM scanning, fluorescence imaging, optical tweezers
Nano-PDQ Series Extremely high speed nanopositioners with a large center aperture, up to 75 µm of motion in XY, and 50 µm of motion in Z 2 or 3 optical trapping, optical tweezers, high speed particle tracking, AFM, NSOM
Nano-T Series Economical systems with sub-nanometer resolution 2 or 3 fluorescence imaging, super resolution (SR) microscopy, AFM scanning
Nano-HS Series High speed nanopositioning system with picometer positioning resolution 2 or 3 high speed AFM, SPM, metrology
Nano-M250 Compact system constructed from titanium or invar with a 0.5 inch aperture 2 nanolithography, SEM, AFM
Nano-SPM200 Compact piezo nanopositioning system with 200µm travel 2 AFM, NSOM, SPM, nanofabrication
Ultra-low profile, high speed piezo nanopositioning system with 75 microns of travel in XY and 50 microns in Z 3 optical trapping, optical tweezers, high speed particle tracking, NSOM, SPM
Nano-LP Series Low profile with 100µm, 200 µm or 300 µm in X, Y and Z. 3 single molecule microscopy and spectroscopy, AFM scanning, fluorescence imaging, super resolution (SR) microscopy
Nano-M350 Compact, constructed from titanium and aluminum with a 0.25 inch aperture 3 nanolithography,SEM, MEMS testing, alignment, AFM

Additional Information

MadPLL® Brochure

Laser Focus World Article

NANOPOSITIONING: Piezo­electric nano­positioners forge low-cost atomic force microscope

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