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  • High speed, multi-axis
  • XY and XYZ configurations
  • Z-axis step response time down to 2ms
  • Z-axis scans up to 300 Hz
  • Closed loop control
  • Picometer positioning resolution
  • High stability

Typical Applications
  • High speed, high resolution positioning
  • Metrology
  • AFM
  • SPM

Product Description

The Nano-HS Series is a high speed, multi-axis, precision nanopositioning system with picometer positioning resolution. Offering maximum versatility, the Nano-HS can be configured to provide XY or XYZ motion. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ® technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement under closed loop control. The compact footprint, ultra-low noise characteristics, and a Z-axis resonant frequency of 5kHz make it ideal for metrology applications that require noise floors less than 10 picometers and/or high speed performance. The Nano-HS2 is an ideal high speed XY scanning stage for use with the MadPLL® system. See the SPM-M Kit for an example of how to combine Mad City Labs equipment to build an AFM or NSOM. For an XYZ system with even higher speed Z, see the Nano-HS3M.

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (XYZ) 10 μm
0.01 nm
XY (HS2) Resonant Frequency 1.5 kHz ±20%
XY (HS3) Resonant Frequency 1.0 kHz ±20%
Z (HS3) Resonant Frequency 5.0 kHz ±20%
Scanning Speed up to 300 Hz
Stiffness (Z-axis) 8 N/μm
Recommended max. load (horizontal)* 0.1 kg
Recommended max. load (vertical)* 0.1 kg
Body Material Al, Invar or Titanium
Controller Nano-Drive®
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Position Noise Spectrum

The Nano-HS Series demonstrates less than 2 picometers of position noise on all three axes. Click below to enlarge and view the data for each axis.

AFM Verification of PicoQ® Sensor Technology Performance

Position noise of a nanopositioning system is the ultimate limit of the system's measurement resolution. Many applications involving sub-nanometer measurements, such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), would not be possible without low noise nanopositioning systems. The tests below employ a Nano-HS3 for XYZ probe motion and demonstrate the ultra-low position noise and high accuracy of nanopositioning systems with PicoQ® sensor technology.

Some companies claim to sell systems with sub-nanometer resolution, but they do not have data from external metrology tests to support their claims. All Mad City Labs nanopositioning products are rigorously tested before shipment. These tests involve a series of measurements designed to fully characterize the performance of the nanopositioning system with a realistic environment and testing conditions that match the application. Available metrology tools include NIST-traceable interferometers, high resolution AFM, and a high resolution position noise analyzer, designed specifically for nanopositioning characterization. The links below lead to in-depth descriptions of some of our AFM measurements.

2D representation of 312 pm Si (111) atomic steps measured by AFM
312 pm Si (111) atomic steps detected using the Nano-HS3 with PicoQ® sensor technology, measured by AFM.
AFM Demonstrations: Measuring Atomic Steps
Measurements taken with an AFM show that nanopositioners with PicoQ® sensor technology have sufficiently low position noise to accurately resolve single atomic layer size steps, 312 pm.

AFM Demonstrations: Sub-Nanometer Motion
100 and 450 micron range nanopositioners with PicoQ sensor technology perform 860 picometer steps, 1 nanometer sine wave, and repeated 95 picometer steps, externally measured by AFM.

AFM Demonstrations: Measuring Surface Roughness
AFM is used to externally verify that the position noise of a nanopositioning system with PicoQ® sensor technology is less than the surface roughness of a Si (111) sample, 60 pm RMS.

Additional Information

Nano-HS2 Drawing

Nano-HS3 Drawing

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