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MMP1 Drawing
MMP1-50E Drawing
MMP2 Drawing
MMP3 Drawing
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  • Nanopositioner-ready
  • 1, 2, or 3 axis configurations
  • Range of motion: 25mm
  • Optional encoders: 50 nm resolution
  • Proprietary intelligent control for stability
  • High native precision & accuracy
Typical Applications
  • Programmable precision motion
  • Optical microscopy
  • Optical alignment
  • SPM Automation
motorized micropositioning stages

Product Description

The MMP Series are nanopositioner-ready, stepper motor driven, micropositioning systems for high precision positioning for a variety of applications. Long range linear positioning is provided in one, two or three axis configurations with high resolution and excellent repeatability. Employing our proprietary intelligent control scheme results in exceptional stability with high native precision making our MMP Series the ideal choice for demanding motion control applications. Optional high resolution (50nm) linear encoders provide real-time feedback of the actual stage position. The included Micro-Drive™ controller connects to a PC via a standard USB port and can be controlled via the supplied LabVIEW based software. Complex motion profiles can be programmed and sophisticated control parameters such as automatic acceleration and deceleration is employed to achieve high stability and native accuracy. Optional wireless gamepad control is also available. The MMP Series is compatible with a wide range of our piezo nanopositioning systems and can be customized to your requirements.

For compatible nanopositioning systems, see the Nano-Met10 and Nano-Met20, Nano-HS Series, Nano-HS3M, Nano-OP Series, Nano-3D200, and Nano-SPM200.

Compatible Software Packages:

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (X, Y, Z) 25 mm
Encoder Resolution (encoders optional) 50 nm
Step Size 95 nm
Maximum Speed 4 mm/sec
Native Accuracy <4 μm
Native Repeatability <100 nm
Recommended max. load (horizontal)* 10 kg
Recommended max. load (vertical)* 2 kg
Body Material Aluminum
Controller Micro-Drive™
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Micro-Drive3 controller for motorized microstage

The Ultimate Stability, High Native Precision and Accuracy of the Mad City Labs Stepper Motor Micropositioning Line

A related system, the single axis SPM-MZ, is often used for high stability, high resolution applications. The stability of the nanopositioner-ready SPM-MZ is critical to high resolution SPM experiments. The SPM-MZ was used as a Z axis coarse approach for the measurements below.

2D representation of 312 pm Si (111) atomic steps measured by AFM
312 pm Si (111) atomic steps detected using a nanopositioner with PicoQ® sensor technology, measured by AFM.

AFM Demonstrations: Measuring Atomic Steps
Measurements taken with an AFM show that nanopositioners with PicoQ® sensor technology have sufficiently low position noise to accurately resolve single atomic layer size steps, 312 pm.
AFM Demonstrations: Sub-Nanometer Motion
100 and 450 micron range nanopositioners with PicoQ® sensor technology perform 860 picometer steps, 1 nanometer sine wave, and repeated 95 picometer steps, externally measured by AFM.
AFM Demonstrations: Measuring Surface Roughness
AFM is used to externally verify that the position noise of a nanopositioning system with PicoQ® sensor technology is less than the surface roughness of a Si (111) sample, 60 pm RMS.

The two axis MicroStage, designed for high resolution microscopy, also benefits from the stability and high native precision of Mad City Labs' proprietary intelligent control scheme. This can be seen below in the plot of extremely low drift after 150 micron motions.
MicroStage stability after two 150 micron motions.

Additional Information

MMP1 Drawing
drawing of motorized micropositioning stage

MMP2 Drawing
drawing of motorized micropositioning stage

MMP3 Drawing
drawing of motorized micropositioning stage

MMP1-50E Drawing
drawing of motorized micropositioning stage

MMP Series Catalog Pages
catalog pages for motorized micropositioning stage



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