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  • Sample holders - standard models for typical biological samples or custom designed for unique applications.
  • Stage mounting - standard mounting plates for microscopes as well as custom mounting for vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Work directly with Mad City Labs' design engineers to create the accessories needed for your experimental setup at minimal additional cost.
  • Avoid in-house machine shop delays

Microscope Mounting Adapters

Mount nanopositioners directly onto microscopes without a coarse positioning stage
adapter plate for nanopositioning system and Olympus IX inverted microscopeadapter plate for nanopositioning system and Olympus IX inverted microscopeadapter plate for nanopositioner and Olympus IX, Zeiss Axiovert, and Leica DMI inverted microscopes

Biological Sample Holders

  • Slide holders
  • Petri dish holders
  • Coverslip holders
  • Multiwell plate holders

  • Compatible with 2.6” x 2.6” aperture stages:

    slide holder for nanopositioner3 inch slide holder for nanopositionercoverslip holder for nanopositioning system 35mm dish holder for piezo stage

    Compatible with Nano-BioS and Nano-LPS Series stages:

    3 inch slide holder for nanopositioning stagecoverslip holder for piezo stage35mm dish holder for piezo nanopositioner

    Compatible with the Nano-ZL Series, motorized MicroStage, manual MicroStage-LT, and RM21™ (without nanopositioner):

    3 inch slide holder, multi-well plate holder, and coverslip holder for piezo Z stage and micropositioning stages

    Objective Lens Extender Tubes

    The position of the microscope objective lens relative to the sample is quite important. Adding a nanopositioning stage to an existing microscope may raise the sample location if a re-entrant sample holder is not used (see Accessories pages). In some situations it may be preferable to raise the objective lens to match the new sample location. Mad City Labs offers standard lens extender tubes with both RMS (Olympus, Zeiss, Leica) and M25-0.75 (Nikon) threads. Extender tubes are available in several lengths.
    objective lens extender tubes, M25

    Nano-Drive® and Micro-Drive™ Rack Mount Kits

    Nano-Drive® and Micro-Drive™ controllers can be mounted into standard equipment racks by attaching optional rack mount kits. All Mad City Labs controllers fit into the industry standard “2U” height (3.47 inches). Multiaxis Nano-Drive® controllers and the Micro-Drive™ controllers are the full rack width and can be mounted with narrow brackets. Single axis Nano-Drive® controllers are one half rack width and use extended mounting brackets. Rack mount kits are optional accessories that can be ordered with complete systems or purchased separately by contacting Mad City Labs.
    rack mount parts for nanopositioning system controller

    Gamepad Nanopositioner Control

    NanoControl, a new LabVIEW program written by Mad City Labs, provides manual motion control of multi-axis nanopositioning stages using a Logitech wireless gamepad. Gamepad joysticks and buttons are user configurable and can be setup to suit the nanopositioning application. The nanopositioner’s rate of acceleration is easily set with an on-screen control knob. Onscreen position readouts show the stage location in every axis of motion. Communication with the Nano-Drive® controller takes place over its USB interface. NanoControl is an executable LabVIEW program that operates on any Windows based PC and is available at no charge with every USB enabled nanopositioning system.

    joystick gamepad controller for nanopositioning system

    Gamepad MicroStage Control

    The new LabVIEW program, MicroControl, provides manual motion control of Mad City Labs’ motorized MicroStage by use of a Logitech wireless gamepad. Gamepad joysticks and buttons are user configurable and can be chosen to suit the specific application. An on-screen control panel shows the stage position as measured by the MicroStage high resolution linear encoders. Stage speed of motion can also be easily set with the MicroControl displayed parameters. For precise displacements, specific stage motions can also be input numerically - bypassing the joystick controller. MicroControl source code is provided for experienced LabVIEW programmers who may wish to modify the vi code. MicroControl is also provided as an executable program for users who do not own LabVIEW. MicroControl is compatible with all Windows based PC’s and is available at no charge for all USB enabled MicroStage systems.

    joystick gamepad controller for micropositioner

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