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Drawing (F100S)
Drawing (F200S)
Drawing (F100/200W)
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  • Compact objective lens piezo focusing element
  • Interchangeable, quick mount adapters
  • 100 μm or 200 μm ranges of motion
  • Compatible with all microscopes
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications
  • Microscope piezo focusing element
  • Confocal imaging
  • Auto focus
  • STORM and PALM imaging
  • Light sheet microscopy

Product Description

The Nano-F Series are piezo nanopositioner focusing elements with 100 or 200 microns of travel. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ® technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement and for precise closed loop control. Extensive computer modeling (FEA) of the Nano-F Series mechanical structures has resulted in designs with very low off-axis motion (see runout specifications) - which means that microscope images will remain stable throughout the entire range of motion. The Nano-F Series can be used as stand-alone systems or in conjunction with other Mad City Labs nanopositioning stages. Quick mount adapters thread directly into the microscope turret and the nanopositioner can then be clamped onto the adapter without having to rotate the entire assembly with the attached cable. A variety of quick mount adapter threads allow the Nano-F Series to be used on all microscopes. The desired threads on the quick mount adapter are specified for each system when it is ordered. Extra adapters can be ordered separately.

Accessories are available for the Nano-F Series.

Compatible Software Packages:

Nano-F100S Position Noise Spectrum

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (Nano-F100S and Nano-F100W) 100 μm
Range of motion (Nano-F200S and Nano-F200W) 200 μm
Resolution (100/200 μm) 0.2 / 0.4 nm
Resonant Frequency (100 and 200 μm) 500 Hz ±20%
Runout (θx, 100 and 200μm) 6 μrad
Runout (θy, 100/200 μm) 10 / 25 μrad
Stiffness 1.0 N/μm
Recommended max. load* 0.5 kg
Body Material Aluminum and Brass
Threaded Adapters
      Nano-F100S and Nano-F200S RMS, M25, M26
      Nano-F100W and Nano-F200W M27, M32
Controller Nano-Drive®
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Additional Information

Nano-F100S Drawing

Nano-F100W and Nano-F200W

Nano-F200S Drawing

Nano-F Series Catalog Pages



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