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Single Molecule Microscopy
>>RM21™ Microscope

Additional Information
RM21™ Catalog Pages
Drawing of RM21™ Microscope
Drawing of RM21™-Metric Microscope

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  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Single Molecule Imaging
  • Super Resolution Microscopy
  • Optical and Magnetic Tweezers
  • Direct optical access
  • Nanopositioning ready
  • High stability microscope with precision alignment
  • Fixed or automated objective lens positioning
  • Flexible design with multiple configurations
  • Compatible with Mad City Labs nanopositioners
  • Compatible with 30mm & 60mm cage systems

Product Description

The RM21™ is designed as an adaptable microscopy platform which may be configured for a wide variety of microscopy techniques. The design approach to the RM21™ is unlike conventional optical microscopes. The RM21™ allows direct access to all of the optical pathway and has been engineered for precision alignment in all three axes. The RM21™ is compatible with 30mm and 60mm cage systems and is designed to be configured on a standard optical table. The RM21™ has been designed for stability and is nanopositioner ready. These attributes make the RM21™ an ideal platform for innovative instrument development and single molecule microscopy.

The RM21™ has three axes of precision motion. The objective lens holder (z-axis) is precision aligned with the optical axis of the platform and accomodates a single objective lens. The motorized lens positioner uses our proprietary intelligent control for low drift and high performance and has 50mm travel with 95nm step size. A fixed objective lens option is also available for maximum stability. Precision motion in X and Y can be achieved with manual XY micro-positioning (-MXY models) or automated XY micropositioning (-AXY models). All XY micropositioning stages travel 25mm per axis and are engineered for nanopositioning compatibility. The -AXY models employ our proprietary intelligent control. All automated axes may be ordered with optional optical encoders to provide displacement readouts.

The RM21™ is suitable for applications such as optical and magnetic tweezers, AFM integration and fluorescence microscopy. We offer a number of standard options including a TIRF Module that allows users to effortlessly shift between epifluorescence/TIRF/HILO microscopy techniques and a TIRF Lock™ to maintain the illumination angle. The Köhler illumination tower is an option for transmitted light microscopy such as live cell microscopy. A wide range of customizations, such as increased ranges of motion, are also available. The RM21™ is nanopositioning ready and compatible with the Nano-Cyte® and Mad City Labs nanopositioners.

  • Three axes of precision motion
  • Fixed objective lens or automated objective lens positioning available
  • Precision aligned three dimensional grid with over 200 tapped holes
  • TIRF Module and TIRF Lock™ options available
  • Adjustable, precision aligned shelves and breadboards
  • Compatible with SM1/30mm & 60mm cage systems
  • Precision manufactured base platforms for 45° prism mirror & SM1/30mm cage system
  • Vibration damping feet with removable foot brackets

TIRF microscopy options

A typical application of the RM21™ microscope is single molecule fluorescence microscopy. A standard option available with the RM21™ is the TIRF Module, which provides simple adjustment of the TIR excitation beam to achieve epifluorescence or TIR illumination of the sample and all angles in between (HILO). The TIRF Module controls the angle of illumination and the focusing of the excitation beam onto the back focal plane of the objective lens. The TIRF Module is fully compatible with all models of the RM21™ and may be used in conjunction with Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems and the TIRF Lock™ option.

The TIRF Lock™ comprises a quadrant photodiode (QPD) head, electronic controller and LabVIEW based software. Once a user has set up TIR illumination and establishes a desired sample Z position, the TIRF Lock™ keeps the sample in the focal plane by measuring the displacement of the exiting TIRF beam and maintaining that position via software feedback control of the sample positioner. The TIRF Lock™ is fully compatible with Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems.

Köhler Illumination

A typical application of the RM21™ microscope is live cell imaging and transmitted light microscopy. A standard option available with the RM21™ is the Köhler illumination tower, which provides a simple yet flexible solution for delivering even illumination to the sample. The Köhler illumination tower is designed for ease of use and alignment while providing a long working distance for use with live cell imaging. The Köhler illumination tower provides independent control of the illumination intensity and the numerical aperture (NA).

The RM21™ microscope when combined with the TIRF Module, TIRF Lock™, and the Köhler illumination tower is an excellent instrument for single molecule and live cell microscopy offering versatility and stability.

Compatible Motion Control Software Packages:

Technical Specifications

Tapped Hole Size 1/4"-20 or M6
Tapped Hole Spacing
1" or 25mm
Micropositioning Axes X, Y, Z
Range of motion (XY) 25mm
Range of motion (Z) 50mm
Vernier gradations (-MXY) 1μm
Step Size (-AZ and/or -AXY models) 95nm
Micropositioning Controller Micro-Drive®
Digital Interface USB2.0
Precision aligned shelves 6
Side breadboards 3
Sliding breadboard 1
Foot brackets 4
Base platform 2
Body Material Anodized Aluminum

RM21™ Microscopes Video

The video linked below illustrates various configurations of the RM21™ microscope.

Mad City Labs RM21 Microscopes Video
Mad City Labs RM21™ Microscopes Video

RM21™ Models Available

All models available in imperial (-I) or metric (-M).
Supported lens threads: RMS, M25, M26, M27, M32
Side breadboards compatible with SM1/30mm/60mm cage systems

Nano-Cyte® compatible model
  • Model: RM21-NC-(thread)-I/M

  • Available options
  • 20nm optical encoders added to a specified axis
  • TIRF Module
  • TIRF Lock™
  • Köhler Illumination
  • Top mount AFM Kit such as SPM-M Kit or custom configuration

  • Custom options Fixed objective (-FZ). Please consult with our applications engineers prior to ordering.

    Model ordering

    RM21 model number explanation

    Additional Information

    RM21™ Catalog Pages

    Drawing of RM21™

    Drawing of RM21™-Metric

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