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  • Microscope automatic focus drift correction
  • Includes lens nanopositioner, sensor, & manual microstage
  • 100 μm range of motion
  • Compatible with inverted microscopes
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications
  • Maintain constant microscope focus
  • High speed confocal imaging
  • Ultra-fine focus adjustments
  • Drift correction

controller for microscope focus lock system
piezo stage and hardware for microscope focus lock systemdetail of front panel of controller for microscope focal drift correction system

Product Description

C-Focus™ systems provide an automatic means to eliminate microscope focus drift over long time periods. Unlike autofocus systems which require use of advanced microscopes with internal focus correction or external devices which track video signals or reflected laser beams, the C-Focus™ simply corrects for microscope focus drift via a high resolution sensor system fitted to the included low drift manual microstage. The sensor system measures the lens/sample spacing and makes the necessary adjustments using the lens positioner. The C-Focus™ system has no effect on standard manual focusing and can be retrofit to any inverted microscope. After focus is established, simply pushing the “focus lock” button starts the C-Focus™ operation. Objective lens motions are accomplished with a lens nanopositioner (the Nano-F100S) which is easily connected to the objective lens and microscope with standard threaded adapters. In addition to the unique C-Focus™ operation, lens nanopositioner motion can also be directly commanded by digital (16-bit USB) or analog signals and can be used for high speed, high resolution confocal imaging and other imaging tasks with demanding focus requirements. The C-Focus™ lens positioning system contains the same proprietary, low noise PicoQ® position sensors used in the Nano-F100S and is capable of sub-nanometer positioning resolution. The 16-bit USB digital computer interface is included with all C-Focus™ controllers.

C-Focus™ Data

Set of Cy3 single molecule imaging
Sample: MutS protein imaged with Cy3 in presence of oxygen scavenging system
Technique: Prism TIRF
Microscope: Olympus IX71
Objective: 60x 1.2 NA Water Immersion, 1.6x magnification
Camera: Hamamatsu EMCCD

animation of performance of focus lock focal drift correction system

Courtesy of:
Biomolecular & Cellular Dynamics Lab
Dept of Physics/IBIO, POSTECH South Korea

Focus Drift vs. Constant Focus

.microscope focal drift correction during comparing with and without focus lock engaged

plot of microscope drift versus focal position during a long duration experiment

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (Nano-F100) 100 μm
Resolution 0.2 nm
Resonant Frequency 500 Hz ±20%
Stiffness 1.0 N/μm
Recommended max. load* 0.5 kg
Body Material Al and Brass
Controller C-Focus™
Range of Motion (MicroStage -XY) 25mm
Vernier graduations 1 μm
C-Focus™ sensor resolution 5 μm
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Additional Information

Nano-F100 Drawing

piezo focusing stage drawing

C-Focus™ System

C-Focus focus lock drift correction catalog page



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