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>>Nano-OP Series High Speed Lens Positioners

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  • High speed, direct drive
  • 30, 65, and 100 μm ranges of motion
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications
  • High Speed Focusing


Product Description

The Nano-OP Series single axis nanopositioners often can be used as the driving mechanism for custom high speed lens positioning systems. A typical arrangement uses either one or two Nano-OP systems to move a lens mounting bracket over a range of up to 100μm. While not sized for mounting directly into microscopes (see the Nano-F Series and Nano-F25HS), the Nano-OP lens positioners are able to achieve a level of high frequency performance which cannot be matched by other lens positioning devices. Even while carrying a 350g load (lens plus bracket), step response times down to 10ms are achievable. Mad City Labs’ sales engineers are ready to discuss the specific requirements of your optical setup and propose a system which meets the speed and travel specifications.

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (Nano-OP30) 30 μm
Range of motion (Nano-OP65)
65 μm
Range of motion (Nano-OP100) 100 μm
Resolution (30/65/100 μm) 0.06/0.13/0.2 nm
Resonant Frequency 4 kHz ±20%
Resonant Frequency (100g load) 2 kHz ±20%
Stiffness 3.0 N/μm ±20%
θ roll, θ pitch (typical) ≤1 μrad
θ yaw (typical) ≤2 μrad
Recommended max. load (horizontal)* 1.0 kg
Recommended max. load (vertical)* 0.5 kg
Body Material Al, Invar or Titanium
Controller Nano-Drive®
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

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