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laser source with three wavelengths

Cyto-Lite™: Multi-wavelength laser engine

  • Low cost
  • Single fiber delivery of blue, green, and red laser lines
  • Fully software controlled
  • Simplifies instrument complexity - eliminates shutters, reduces reliance on external optical components
  • Output power: 10mW (405nm, 640nm), 20mW (532nm)
The Cyto-Lite™ is a laser source that combines three different wavelengths into a single fiber: 405nm, 532nm, and 640nm. Cyto-Lite™ provides complete control over each laser line via a single USB interface and the supplied Cyto-Lite™ software. The Cyto-Lite™ controller and software streamlines the user interface and allows the characteristics of each laser line to be controlled independently through the single interface. Each laser line can be controlled in constant current feedback or constant optical power feedback modes. Optical power is user controlled via the supplied Cyto-Lite™ software. The onboard DDS sine wave generator and internal 16bit DAC allow the modulation and ampltude of each laser line waveform. Low noise operation is achieved by three independent linear regulator power supplies. Filtering on each laser line further minimizes electronic noise. Robust operation is achieved through multiple layers of laser line protection. Watchdog circuitry maintains stable power supply operation and each laser line has overcurrent protection circuitry. In the event of a fault condition, the laser line is shut down until the fault is corrected. In addition, ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection circuitry is in place for each laser line to prevent static discharge damage.

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