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>>Manual MicroStage-LT Series

Manual MicroStage-LT Series
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  • 50mm total motion on XY axes
  • Allows objective nosepiece rotation
  • Manual micrometer position adjustment
  • 1 μm vernier scales
  • Integrated, continuous position locking
  • Fits inverted microscopes and can be
  • customized for other optical setups
  • Highly stable
Typical Applications
  • Coarse positioning for high resolution piezo nanopositioning stages
  • Direct replacement for standard, nonlocking microscopy stages
long travel micropositioning stage with manual micrometers for Nikon Ti, Olympus IX, and Zeiss inverted microscopes

Product Description

The Manual MicroStage-LT is the "long travel" version of Mad City Labs' popular micrometer coarse positioning stages developed for use with high resolution piezo nanopositioners. Two design changes distinguish the Manual MicroStage-LT from the standard version: longer XY travel (up to 50mm) and an aperture design which allows rotation of the microscope's objective nosepiece. Like the standard model, continuous internal position locking combined with excellent stability makes this stage an ideal base for high resolution piezo nanopositioning stages. While not as "low profile" as the standard Manual MicroStage, the Manual MicroStage-LT has been carefully dimensioned to locate the top surface of the stage within the microscope's focal range. Nanopositioning stages with re-entrant sample holders can be used on top of the Manual MicroStage-LT while maintaining the ability to change objective lenses. Mounting is available for the Mad City Labs RM21™ Microscope Platform and all other popular inverted research microscopes.

Accessories are available for the Manual MicroStage-LT Series.

Technical Specifications

Axes of Motion XY
Range of motion (XY)
up to 50 mm
Graduation 10 μm
Vernier graduations 1 μm
Body Material Aluminum

Additional Information

Manual MicroStage-LT Series Drawing
drawing of micropositioning stage with manual micrometers

Manual MicroStage-LT Series Catalog Pages
catalog pages for micropositioner with manual micrometers

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