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Additional Information
Nano-MTA/Nano-MTAX Drawing
Nano-MTA2/Nano-MTA2X Drawing
Nano-MTA2X10 Drawing
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  • 400 Hz high speed scans
  • One or two axis motion
  • 2 mrad , 5 mrad, or 10mrad ranges of motion
  • Mount in any orientation
  • Closed loop control
  • High stability

Typical Applications
  • High speed laser beam steering
  • Optical trapping
  • Interferometry
  • FBG writing
  • Optical disk manufacturing
  • Astronomy
  • Active optics


Product Description

The Nano-MTA Series are single axis and two axis piezo nanopositioning mirror tip/tilt actuators. With nanoradian resolution, the Nano-MTA Series is ideal for applications involving laser beam steering, tracking, and scanning. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ® technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement under closed loop control. The Nano-MTA Series is compatible with either the Nano-Drive® or Nano-Drive®85 controllers. Both controllers include sensor electronics, proportional integral feedback control, and 150V amplifiers. When used with the high power Nano-Drive®85 controller, the Nano-MTA Series is capable of continuous, high speed scans at 400 Hz and step response times down to 2 milliseconds.

Ultra Low Position Noise: Nano-MTA2 Position Noise Power Spectrum

Measured position noise of the Nano-MTA2 shows the system's exceptional stability.

Technical Specifications

Range of motion (Nano-MTA2) 2.0 mradian
4.0 nradian
Range of motion (Nano-MTA2X) 5.0 mradian
Resolution 10 nradian
Range of motion (Nano-MTA2X10) 10.0 mradian
Resolution 20 nradian
Resonant Frequency† - Nano-MTA2/Nano-MTA2X/Nano-MTA2X10
X Axis (2mrad/5mrad/10mrad) 3.2 kHz/2.8kHz/1.6kHz ±20% 
Y Axis (2mrad/5mrad/10mrad) 1.25 kHz/800Hz/435Hz ±20%
Scanning Speed up to 400 Hz
Optics 25mm diameter mirror mounting area*
Body Material Al or Invar and Titanium
Controller Nano-Drive®/Nano-Drive®85
† Nano-MTA2/2X resonant frequency is with a 25mm diameter x 3mm glass mirror.
* Mirrors can be attached to the Nano-MTA Series using Milbond adhesive available from Edmund Optics - stock number NT53-288.

Additional Information

Nano-MTA/Nano-MTAX Drawing

Nano-MTA Series Catalog Pages
Nano-MTA2/Nano-MTA2X Drawing
Nano-MTA2X10 Drawing



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