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  • High speed Z-axis piezo nanopositioner
  • Low profile: 0.77"
  • Integrated sample holder
  • 50 μm motion
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications
  • Optical microscopy
  • High speed confocal imaging
  • Up to 150Hz sine wave motion

Product Description

The Nano-Z50HS is a single axis (Z-axis) piezo nanopositioning system designed to move a microscopy sample up to 50 microns at the fastest possible positioning speeds. The Nano-Z50HS is derived from the 3-axis, high speed, Nano-LPQ piezo nanopositioning system but contains only the Z-axis piezo mechanisms. The resulting compact size allows the Nano-Z50HS to easily retrofit onto existing microscopes or fit into custom experimental set- ups. Since the only moving part is the integated sample holder, moving mass is minimized. Sample holders for slides, coverslips, and petri dishes are available. Custom sample holders can also be provided. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ® technology provide absolute, repeatable position measurement with picometer resolution under closed loop control.

Compatible Software Packages:

Technical Specifications

Range of motion 50 μm
Resolution 0.1 nm
Resonant Frequency 1000 Hz ±20%
Stiffness 1.0 N/μm
Recommended max. load (horizontal)* 200 g
Body Material Aluminum
Controller Nano-Drive®85
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Additional Information

Nano-Z50HS Drawing
(top mount sample holder version)

Nano-Z50HS Catalog Pages


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