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  • Low profile piezo nanopositioner: 0.8"
  • Three axis motion (Z θX θY)
  • Large center aperture: 2.6" x 2.6"
  • Long range: 100 μm or 200 μm (Z), 2mradians or 4mradians (θXθY)
  • Closed loop control

Typical Applications
  • Z-axis plus tip/tilt alignment
  • Nanolithography
  • Microscopy
  • MEMS

Z tip tilt piezo stage

Product Description

The Nano-Align3 is a three axis (Z, θX , θY) piezo nanopositioning system with a large center aperture. The low profile design of the Nano-Align3 allows it to be integrated into existing instrumentation where space is restricted. The center aperture makes the Nano-Align3 ideal for demanding microscopy alignment applications which require long range travel and high precision. Internal position sensors utilizing proprietary PicoQ® technology provide picometer and nanoradian precision under closed loop control.

Technical Specifications

Ranges of motion (Nano-Align3-100)
Z axis
100 μm
θX and θY 2 mradian
Ranges of motion (Nano-Align3-200)  
Z axis 200 μm
θX and θY 4 mradian
Resolution (Nano-Align3-100) 0.2nm/ 4 nradian
Resolution (Nano-Align3-200) 0.4nm/ 8 nradian
Resonant Frequency (Nano-Align3-100) 600 Hz ±20%
Resonant Frequency (Nano-Align3-200) 450 Hz ±20%
Stiffness 1.0 N/μm
Recommended max. load (horizontal)* 0.5 kg
Recommended max. load (vertical)* 0.2 kg
Body Material Aluminum, Titanium, or Invar
Controller Nano-Drive®/Nano-Drive®85
* Larger load requirements should be discussed with our engineering staff.

Additional Information

Nano-Align3 Series Drawing
drawing of Z tip tilt piezo stage
Nano-Align3 Series Catalog Pages
Nano-Align3 catalog pages

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