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Technical Information
   Piezoactuator Information

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piezo actuators

Product Description

The PZT range of products are individual piezo actuator stacks, that are ready to use in a variety of applications. In most cases, these items are in stock and can be delivered overnight. These low voltage multilayer piezo actuator stacks have variable cross sections and displacements up to 18 µm. Piezo actuators are easily bonded together in larger stacks for greater displacement. For nanopositioning applications that require the integration of multi-layer piezo actuator stacks into flexure guided motion stages, please refer to our products page, or our custom page.

Also offered is a power amplifier for driving bare piezo actuator stacks. Please contact our salespeople for details and specifications.

Technical Specifications

Length (mm) 5±0.1 10±0.1 20±0.1 10±0.1
Maximum Cross Section (mm x mm) 3.5x4.5 3.5x4.5 3.5x4.5 6.5x6.5
Maximum Voltage (VDC) 150 150 150 150
Maximum Displacement (µm) 4.6±1.5 9.1±1.5 17.4±2.0 9.1±1.5
Capacitance (µF ± 20%) 0.10 0.18 0.35 0.75
Unloaded Resonant Frequency (kHz) 261 138 69 138
Generated Force (N) 200 200 200 850
Tensile Strength (N/m2) 20 20 20 85
Young's Modulus (N/m2) 4.4x1010 4.4x1010 4.4x1010 4.4x1010
Temperature Range (°C) -25 to +85 -25 to +85 -25 to +85 -25 to +85

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