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UHV Nanopositioning December 2015

Capacitive sensors perform poorly in vacuum, with performance degrading up to 60% per meter of cable length. Mad City Labs PicoQ® sensor performance does not degrade in vacuum. Our extensive and practical knowledgebase, combined with proprietary PicoQ® sensor technology, uniquely places us  to provide a standard product line of UHV nanopositioners and micropositioners and develop customized solutions with the highest performance characteristics.

2D representation of 312 pm Si (111) atomic steps measured by AFM

3 axis custom UHV system.

Custom three axis tip/tilt nanopositioning solution for UHV 10 meter atomic interferometer.

  • X-ray, VUV, and optical microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Surface metrology
  • UHV atomic scale microscopy
  • Interferometry
  • Particle physics

Mad City Labs has a standard line of UHV compatible nanopositioners. These nanopositioners have a central aperture for beam lines and optical transmission with 50 to 200μm range of motion on two or three axes. 2D representation of 312 pm Si (111) atomic steps measured by AFM

Nano-UHV200 system with 200 μm range of motion in XYZ, closed loop control, and large central aperture. Bakeable to 100 C.
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