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Introducing the Mad City Labs NSOM March 2016

The MCL-NSOM is a fully operational near field scanning optical microscope. It has been built on Mad City Labs versatile RM21™ inverted optical microscope which allows users to convert between NSOM, SPM, and fluorescence optical microscopy techniques.

  • Complete inverted optical microscope
  • Six axes of motorized control
  • Closed loop nanopositioning in XYZ
  • Independent automation for fiber alignment to optical axis
  • Alignment camera and detection APD included
  • Software included

MCL-AFM image of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads MCL-NSOM image of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads
50 μm x 50 μm images of 500nm diameter polystyrene beads on a glass coverslip. Images taken using Mad City Labs AFM (left) and NSOM (right). NSOM in transmission mode. NSOM data collected using 640nm light with 100x, 1.25 N.A. objective lens and avalanche photodiode.

The data above were taken with a tuning fork with etched Tungsten tip (left) and tuning fork with attached single mode fiber (right). Mad City Labs offers quartz crystal tuning forks for scanning probe microscopy applications such as atomic force microscopy (AFM) and near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM). Each tuning fork has two electrical leads for connection to a driving oscillator such as the Mad City Labs MadPLL® instant AFM and nanoprobe instrumentation. Our tuning forks are shipped to you conveniently ready to use - "out of the can" - with the typical cylindrical housing removed. Available in two sizes: medium and large.

Tuning fork with attached etched Tungsten tip.

American Physical Society - March Meeting: Visit Mad City Labs at Booth 707

March 14-17, Mad City Labs will be showcasing the new NSOM system as well as micro- and nanopositioning products for precision alignment, optics positioning, mirror tip/tilt, and more. Stop by to see us in Booth 707.
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