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MicroMirror TIRF Demonstration at the upcoming Midwest Single Molecule Workshop at University of Iowa

Rendering of the MicroMirror TIRF system showing the integrated imaging & motion control platform with adjustable micromirror mounts.

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As part of our Single Molecule Imaging portfolio, Mad City Labs offers a MicroMirror TIRF microscopy system. This system enables scientists to study the ordered assembly and function of biological complexes at the single molecule level.

Our MicroMirror TIRF system uses through-the-objective excitation, but replaces the dichroic mirror used in conventional TIRFM systems with two broadband micromirrors positioned at opposite edges of the back aperture of the objective lens. This illumination method enables the spatial separation of the excitation and emission pathways, eliminating the need to spectrally separate them using a dichroic mirror. By eliminating multi-band dichroic mirrors, our MicroMirror TIRF microscopy system yields the superior photon sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratios required for single molecule analyses using three or more fluorophores.

For applications requiring TIR illumination over long periods of time, Mad City Labs has also developed a "TIRF-lock" system. The TIRF-lock software adjusts the Z-axis position of the nanopositioner to maintain the desired TIR illumination angle.

MicroMirror TIRF Demonstration at the 4th Midwest Single Molecule Workshop at University of Iowa, July 31 - August 2

The Midwest Single-Molecule workshop will gather the leading researchers in single-molecule biophysics from all across the Midwest to share ideas, research, and resources.

Mad City Labs Inc. will be sponsoring a lab tour to demonstrate the MicroMirror TIRF microscope during the workshop. If you are registered for the workshop and are interested in signing up for the lab tour, please email with mmTIRF in the subject line.

MicroMirror TIRF System Brochure

MicroMirror TIRF brochure
MicroMirror TIRF System Specifications


MicroMirror TIRF brochure


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