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Nanopositioning Systems
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Vacuum Compatible Instruments Piezoactuators

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  • Unique low profile design
  • Extra large aperture for multiwell plates and incubators
  • 200 μm range of motion (XYZ)
  • Closed loop control
  • High stability

  • Optical microscopy, easy to retrofit
  • Optical trapping experiments
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Alignment
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Super resolution microscopy
Nano-MTA Series
  • Up to 400 Hz high speed scans
  • One or two axis motion
  • 2mrad or 5mrad ranges of motion

  • Mount in any orientation
  • Closed loop control
  • High stability
  • High resolution nanopositioning
  • High performance and closed loop
  • Works with Akiyama probe or tuning fork

  • Versatile configuration options
  • Access to nanopositioning sensors for accurate positioning information
  • Includes MadPLL® controller and accessories
Nano-LPS Series : Lowest profile 3 axis nanopositioner
  • Lowest profile 3-axis nanopositioner available
  • Large aperture for standard 3" slides
  • 100 μm, 200 μm, and 300 μm ranges of motion (XYZ)
  • Closed loop control
  • High stability
  • Optical microscopy, easy to retrofit
  • Optical trapping experiments
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Alignment
  • Single molecule spectroscopy
  • Super resolution microscopy
RM21™ Microscope Platform
  • Designed for maximum user accessibility
  • Manufactured with high precision to allow easy alignment of microscopy and optical components
  • Robust design
  • Precision manufacturing and assembly
  • Particle tracking
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • TIRF

Nano-F Series: High precision lens positioners
  • Compact objective lens focusing element
  • Interchangeable, quick mount adapters
  • 100 μm or 200 μm ranges of motion
  • Compatible with all microscopes
  • Closed loop control
  • Microscope focusing element
  • Confocal imaging
  • Auto focus
  • STORM and PALM imaging
  • Light sheet microscopy

  • High speed
  • Low noise floor
  • Closed loop control
  • Picometer positioning resolution
  • High speed, high resolution positioning
  • Metrology
  • AFM
  • SPM


Nature Protocols Paper on Mad City Labs MicroMirror TIRF System
Nature Protocols has published a paper from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brandeis University about the colocalization single-molecule spectroscopy (CoSMoS) method for studying cellular machines using the MicroMirror TIRF system.

Mad City Labs GmbH Opens in Zürich
Mad City Labs GmbH logoMad City Labs, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of a direct sales office located in Zürich, Switzerland. The establishment of Mad City Labs GmbH will greatly enhance the service and support to our European customers and strengthen our relationships with our European distribution network and business partners. Please contact Mad City Labs GmbH for quotation, sales and support services.

Build Your Own AFM in 30 Minutes with the SPM-M Kit

build your own tuning fork AFM kitThe SPM-M Kit combines the MadPLL® instrument package with Mad City Labs high resolution nanpositioning systems to form a high performance, closed loop, scanning resonant probe microscope. The seamless integration of hardware combined with the built-in automated control of MadPLL® means that you can concentrate on getting results, not tweaking parameters. Applications for the SPM-M Kit include nanoscale characterization and nanoscale fabrication applications such as optical antennas, nano-optics, semiconductors, data storage, and more. The SPM-M Kit is ideal for research and teaching laboratories offering high performance, versatility, simplicity and excellent value.

MadPLL phase lock loop instrument package
MadPLL® is a powerful instrument package that allows the user to create an inexpensive, high resolution resonant scanning probe microscope using Mad City Labs nanopositioning systems.
An automated, high resolution, resonant probe AFM can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes using Mad City Labs closed loop nanopositioning systems and the MadPLL® instrument package.

Build your own AFM assembly tutorial

For additional information about building an SPM with Mad City Labs systems, visit the MadPLL® and AFM Video Tutorial pages and the Laser Focus World article NANOPOSITIONING: Piezo­electric nano­positioners forge low-cost atomic force microscope.

The C-Focus™ System

C-Focus focus correction performance plot Get Focused! Mad City Labs announces the introduction of the C-Focus™ positioning system. The C-Focus™ eliminates the effects of microscope focus drift by tracking and correcting the position of the objective lens from a user selected set point. The C-Focus™ system incorporates our picometer resolution piezo lens positioner with an easy-to-use controller for simple, stand alone operation. It retrofits to most optical microscopes, offers dual mode operation and is simple to use. The C-Focus™ also helps stabilize microscope drift, an important factor in the new techniques of super resolution (SR) microscopy. Images provided by Pohang University of Science and Technology show the efficacy of the C-Focus™ System in correcting microscope focus drift

At Right: Typical microscope focus drift is of the order of 10's of microns. Engaging the C-Focus™ system eliminates focus drift quickly with high stability over long time periods.

Nanopositioner Noise and Resolution

Nanopositioner position noise power spectrum Mad City Labs provides the highest resolution nanopositioners available on the market today. Our nanopositioners have the lowest position noise and exceptional accuracy, which make them ideal for applications that require precision and sub-nanometer resolution. Mad City Labs' nanopositioners incorporate proprietary piezoresistive-based PicoQ® sensor technology that provides a feedback signal to the electronic controller to eliminate creep and hysteresis caused by PZT actuators. Because of this, we can offer nanopositioners with sub-nanometer resolution and ultra-low position noise.

For information regarding the issues of nanopositioner resolution, see the Laser Focus World article Understanding Noise at the Nanometer Scale. The article details the causes and limitations associated with nanopositioner resolution, and the processes involved in measuring it. The causes for these limitations are a result of the components of the nanopositioner as well as the surrounding environment, so it is important to consider all of the factors involved. In addition the article clearly demonstrates the superior performance of nanopositioners using our proprietary PicoQ® sensor technology compared to nanopositioners using capacitance sensors. Note particularly the amazing stability of our nanopositioning systems at low frequencies where drift plagues capacitance sensors.

For more information regarding nanopositioning resolution and the capabilities of Mad City Labs' nanopositioners, please refer to the noise plots for specific nanopositiong products. View the position noise spectra for nanopositioners like the Nano-LP Series and Nano-HSZ.

Mad City Labs, Inc is a leading manufacturer of flexure based nanopositioning systems capable of sub-nanometer positioning resolution. Our product line covers the entire spectrum of nanopositioning capabilities while maintaining a leadership role in multi-axis stages for high speed optical microscopy imaging. Mad City Labs design engineers use 3D CAD and finite element analysis to produce nanopositioners which combine long ranges of motion with exceptional linearity, orthogonality, and stability. Our in-house CNC machining centers provide complete control of mechanical assembly production and allow Mad City Labs to design and fabricate custom systems with minimal engineering costs and short lead times. We deliver the tools for nanotechnology in 30 to 45 days and provide the highest level of customer service and satisfaction in the industry. We provide innovative and practical solutions for today’s demanding biotechnology and nanotechnology applications. Applications for nanopositioners include super resolution microscopy, high speed confocal imaging, AFM, NSOM, scanning probe microscopy, fiber positioning, single molecule spectroscopy, single molecule/particle tracking, high resolution optical alignment, SR optical microscopy, sub-diffraction limit microscopy, nanoscopy and lithography.

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